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Augmented 3D Laser for High Voltage Busbar assembly in battery pack manufacturing

High voltage busbar is a critical component in battery packs used especially in electric vehicles (EVs). It serves as a conductor to carry high-voltage electrical power between the individual cells within the battery pack and to the external circuitry of the vehicle. The voltage flow through the busbar could go up to 800 volts or even higher to gain better efficiency, and faster charging. But if anything goes wrong during assembly, there will be higher safety risks during manufacturing plant and more dangerously, when vehicles are on the road.

There are dozens of busbar screws on each battery pack. To minimize the quality risks, each one of them need to be tightened in the right place and at the right time. Due to the size, operator need to move around the battery pack during the assembly process. Therefore, not only a RTLS (Real-Time Location System) is needed, precise and intuitive operator guidance is crucial to ensure operator will not lose time finding the next screw to tighten.

Augmented 3D laser can provide operator guidance directly on the battery pack. Combining with nexonar RTLS solution, not only the positions & sequence of each screw can be displayed precisely, the exact shape of the busbar can also be projected to make sure the correct busbar is picked and placed to avoid short circuit risk.



In some cases, the battery pack is moving during assembly (on AGV or conveyor line). The laser projection can follow in real-time the movement of the battery thanks to the nexonar “moving line” solution. To make sure that the visual guidance can match the exact position of the battery, whether it’s moving in one direction, or even in some cases turning during assembly.

The visualization of operator guidance is language neutral. Texts can be displayed, but what are more welcomed by manufacturing plants are arrows, numbers, difference shapes. Therefore, even for new operators or operators that are not local language fluent, the learning curve is much steeper comparing to other solutions. Based on the need of individual plants, customized graphics can be created easily, to display special icons or indications that are necessary. And the system automatically adjusts the visualization graphics depending on the position of the battery pack to ensure that all laser displays are shown correctly and without distortion.

Not only on high voltage busbar, on other critical applications such as high voltage connector assembly, upper cover assembly, and rework station, augmented 3D laser is proven to be a game changer.

Benefits of using Augmented 3D laser in combination with RTLS solution:

  • Enhanced Precision and Accuracy: 
    By integrating laser guidance systems with nexonar RTLS technology, manufacturing plants can achieve even higher levels of precision and accuracy in assembly operations. nexonar's RTLS provides real-time positioning information with high accuracy, allowing laser guidance systems to project instructions precisely onto the work surface, ensuring components are positioned and assembled correctly during assembly.


  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity:
    The combination of laser guidance and nexonar RTLS enables streamlined workflows and reduces the time required for assembly tasks. Operators can quickly locate the correct components and align them accurately, leading to faster assembly times and increased productivity on the manufacturing floor.


  • Increased Safety and Ergonomics:
    By providing precise guidance during assembly tasks, laser guidance systems help reduce the risk of errors and accidents on the manufacturing floor. That adds an extra layer of safety on top of what RTLS system can provide.  Additionally, by optimizing workflows and reducing repetitive motions, the combination of these technologies can contribute to improved ergonomics and worker comfort.

Overall, the combination of augmented 3D laser systems and nexonar RTLS technology offers significant value for manufacturing plants by enhancing precision, efficiency, quality control, safety, and ergonomics in assembly operations.

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