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Augmented Reality technology in combination with Real-Time Location System – the future of manufacturing is ready now

In modern manufacturing environment, where RTLS systems are often used to ensure critical assembly actions are performed in the right place, at the right time. The crucial challenge is that how to make sure dozens even hundreds of positions are set up correctly for different product models. Traditional ways are not only time consuming, but also poses higher risk of mistakes since the positions are not directly visible to the people. 

The use of AR (Augmented Reality) technology therefore provided us a revolutionized way of visualizing extra information on top of the actual production line. By integrating AR with RTLS, the positions that are configured can be displayed directly in relation to the actual products. Therefore, the engineers can visualize and analyze easily if the configuration of RTLS system needs to be adjusted or not in accordance with their assembly requirements. For examples, if the positions are not in the correct place, several positions have overlap, or sequence of different positions are in the right order that all poses quality risk to the manufacturing process.

Not only the position information can be visualized, other important information such as the name & sequence of the application, the status of the assembly actions (OK/NOK) are also available. Meaning that for quality check purposes, the engineer doesn’t need to go through all the excel files or server databases to figure out what’s going on in the production line. Just by walking the line with the Hololens headset, the person will get an overview directly in front of his/her own eyes. He/she is able to locate in real-time & re-work the exact NOK parts/screws if needed.

AR can overlay language-neutral information on top of the real-time location data from the RTLS system. With the interactive & intuitive information like shapes, numbers, colors, etc. It can help new employees familiarize themselves with the manufacturing process and locate critical assembly actions more effectively.  

In addition, operations can be recorded and shared with service teams to identify issues with complex configurations. Positions and configurations of the RTLS system can be shared in remote service and mapped in the dedicated AR app from nexonar, enabling efficient collaboration and optimization of workspaces on site.

Benefits of nexonar integrated AR & RTLS solution:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity:
    The combination of AR technology with nexonar RTLS solution enables streamlined workflows and reduces the time required for assembly tasks. Operators can quickly locate the correct components and work on them accurately. Configuration & debugging time can be greatly reduced, which leading to faster assembly times, higher up-time, and increased productivity on the manufacturing floor. 


  • Enhanced quality control:
    By integrating position data together with the status of critical assembly actions and visualize directly on the product. Quality personnels can detect early and accurately any defects on the production line and make corrective actions as soon as possible. This leads to improved product quality and reduced rework or scrap rates.


  • Enhanced workforce training and onboarding:
    AR technology provides immersive training experiences for workers, allowing them to learn assembly processes more effectively. When integrated with nexonar RTLS, leads to reduced training times, improved retention of information, and faster onboarding of new workers, ultimately increasing workforce productivity. 

By leveraging these technologies effectively, manufacturing companies can transform their operations, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth in today's fast-paced and dynamic market environment. People always consider the AR technology for manufacturing is the future, but the “future” is ready now with nexonar.

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