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Complex manual assembly processes require new ways to guide and control workers

The visualization of the nexonar Augmented Production Laser controlled by the software nexonar Assembly Scout contributes to an increase in quality and performance, even with changed object positions. The nexonar system dynamically adapts the visualization of the 3D laser projections to changing product locations, such as AGVs (driverless transport vehicles) with different stopping points. 

Practical example:

In a car factory, an operator sets screws in the battery assembly of electric cars. The position tracking of the installed nexonar system ensures optimal process monitoring of the operator guidance. The next screwing position is indicated to the operator with an arrow visualized by the nexonar laser. The screwdriver, position controlled by the Assembly Scout, now works at the target position, otherwise the screwdriver automatically blocks the screwdriving functions. Poka Yoke - error-free screw assembly with the nexonar Assembly Scout system is fast, precise and flexible. Rely on the world market leader in the industrial environment.

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