ART.-NR. LP-020-017

The LPMS-IG1 P is a water proof inertial sensor with high performance on precision and robustness. lt is equipped with a powerful processor that processes all  the information from gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and GPS based on our unique sensor fusion algorithms to achieve low-drift, high-accuracy orientation and displacement calculation. LPMS-IG1 P perfectly fits the industrial requirements where motion measurements or machine navigation are needed.


  • MEMS - small wireless inertial measuring unit (IMU)

  • lntegrated high precision GPS sensor

  • Real-time output: Raw data, Euler angles, quaternions, linear acceleration, temperature and GPS


  • Manipulator balance control

  • Driving navigation

  • Racing car status monitoring

  • Mobile mechanical navigation

Technical data

  • Size: 51 x 45 x 24 mm

  • Weight: 76 g

  • Quaternion / Euler angle output

  • Wired interface: CAN-Bus and USB-Anschluss

  • lntegrated high precision GPS sensor

  • Waterproof IP67 aluminium case

  • Data output rate: 5 ~ 500 Hz

  • Output of altitude values and temperature

  • Low drift, high robustness

  • Power supply: 5 V ~ 24 V DC

  • Reserve technical changes.

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