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nexonar MotionLab®

The nexonar MotionLab® is used for the flexible measurement and analysis of dynamic processes as well as for the measurement of static coordinates. Thanks to the flexible arrangement of the nexonar IR Cameras, variable sizes of measuring room scan be realized and a wide variety of motion spots taken into consideration. The smallest of movements of up to 0.3 mm are measured in real time. Due to its simple handling, the portable nexonar system helps to create motion capturing and coordinate measurement for 3D in the areas of industry, medicine, life sciences and sport opportunities.

Applications of MotionLab®:

Investigation of movements in assembly processes, development of ergonomic workstations, coordinate sensors for robot workplaces, measurements of the handling of tools or life science products, measurement of tool-setting procedures, detection and capture of body movements in different sports, such as rowing, golf etc.