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nexonar Assembly Scout

nexonar Assembly Scout Tool Tracking

In the automotive industry, workers carry out various work steps at assembly stations. For example, workers have to place screws in engine blocks and tighten them. With the help of the worker assistance system nexonar Assembly Scout, screwdriver positions can be dynamically monitored.

nexonar Augmented Production

nexonar Augmented Production

The Augmented Production Software Interface of the Assembly Scout automatically converts the position data into augmented laser positions, which are used for worker guidance.
nexonar Assembly Scout AR App

nexonar Assembly Scout AR App

The AR glasses from Microsoft are now used within the nexonar Assembly Scout to train positions and optimize processes.

nexonar software status monitor

nexonar Status Monitor App

Some automotive customers expect a daily system validation of measurement-equipment. With our nexonar status monitoring hard and software platforms, we provide a new continuous self-assessment.

nexonar Process Analyzer DB

nexonar Process Analyzer DB

MTM, REFA, Lean - we supply a data collection layer for process monitoring. Fine granular details of an assembly sequence can be captured, and process statistics can be created.


nexonar Assembly Scout Pick & Place

Poka Yoke - the nexonar Assembly Scout software enables error-free picking. Movements of tools or hands are analyzed in real time. The worker assistance system helps to avoid mistakes.

nexonar Moving Line Laser Kit

nexonar Moving Line Laser Kit

Dynamic Position Control - markerless generation of 6DoF information based on the Motion Visualizer and the integrated hardware components allow for simple and easy position control.

nexonar Motion Visualizer

nexonar Motion Visualizer

The nexonar Motion Visualizer is the configuration tool for all nexonar tracking components. It is available as Single and Cluster Edition to configure different setups.


3DA Win

The program is suitable to analyze any kind of movement in space in detail. This includes all kinds of arbitrary movements such as grab movements, movements while making music, sports or movements of objects in space.

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