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Tracking System

nexonar IR Single Camera system

The nexonar single camera-based method IR SCT identifies infrared diodes (IR LEDs) in 3D space. The 6DoF tracking was developed especially for applications where objects or persons in a larger environment have to be measured. Several objects can be analyzed simultaneously in 3D space in quasi real-time.

Precise measurement of motion sequences in space becomes even easier. People, tools, machines, vehicles. The technology used is simple, precise and cost-effective compared to existing technologies.

The nexonar single camera tracking systems can be used in cluster mode. A simple procedure allows the superimposition of different nexonar camera fields of view. This allows tracking from different perspectives and large measurement rooms.

The nexonar product series with its technical options offers cost-effective possibilities to efficiently realize own 3D position acquisition and measurement applications. Hardware and software development was carried out by the soft2tec team and successfully placed in the industrial market. From the idea to product maturity took almost three years.


Together with the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences and the University of Mainz (Prof. Dr. Schwanecke, Prof. Dr. Schoemer, Dr. Tjaden) the IR based motion capture system was developed within a ZIM cooperation project 'Optishot' for precise motion measurement in shooting sports. Further developments and individual customer solutions are being implemented.

soft2tec is exclusive licensee of the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences for the German patent 10 2014 012 693 and 10 2015 013 551.1, as well as the German utility model 20 2014 011 390. inventors are Prof. Dr. Schwanecke and Dr. Tjaden.

nexonar MotionLab®

It is used for flexible measurement and analysis of dynamic processes as well as for measurement of static coordinates.