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Intuitive visual guidance for greater efficiency

Augmented Reality is closely linked with RTLS and when join forces, they can greatly enhance the value provided to customers.

The integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Real-Time Location System (RTLS) represents a symbiotic relationship with the potential to significantly enhance manufacturing processes. While RTLS ensures real-time location for assets and personnel, AR guides workers through the assembly process directly on the application, This integration minimizes errors, enhances quality control, and improves safety. Together, AR and RTLS increase efficiency and profitability in manufacturing processes, help to establish a more productive, adaptive & modern factory.

How can the help of Augmented Reality increase efficiency in your manufacturing process?

Find out how nexonar's innovative technology is improving operational efficiency for a major automotive manufacturer. The smart positioning

  • improves tightening quality
  • operator safety
  • lack of traceability system
  • compatibility

Download the case study to read the full story.

Key facts of nexonar AR components

  • Efficiency

  • Precision

  • Safety

Augmented 3D Laser for High Voltage Busbar assembly in battery pack manufacturing

The nexonar augmented laser module is a fully embedded feature to empower workers with precise visual guidance for complex assembly tasks. Configure your projections directly on the application with ease, choosing from arrows, crosses, numbers, or even custom shapes, all tailored to your unique needs. With the precise, intuitive & language-neutral guidance, nexonar ensures a versatile and dynamic approach to enhancing your manufacturing processes.

Learn more about the nexonar augmented 3D laser in battery assembly.

Augmented Reality technology in combination with Real-Time Location System – the future of manufacturing is ready now

The Microsoft Hololens in combination with nexonar can be used to store positions and optimize sequences. Especially in complex assemblies with many positions, it is very helpful in real time to get a direct visual impression of the relevant position detection in the sight in relation to the real workplace. This avant-garde technology can also enable remote service operations to understand how a workplace has been set up. The system offers various possibilities, like quality control on big parts or training new em­ployees.

Find out more about the usage of the Hololens app.

Benefits of nexonar for a major automotive manufacturer

  • Total annual savings

    The customer in the case study has annual savings of 34.850.000€ per year

  • Return of investment

    The customer in the case study has a return of investment within 24 days

  • Safety of the operator

    For the customer in the case study, the safety of his operators is priceless

"By implementing our nexonar real-time location system, our customer not only solved the issues on their path toward electrification, they have set an example for others in the automotive industry to follow."

- Steven Geirnaert
Key Account Manager at nexonar