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Software 3DAWin

The 3DAWin programme places the nexonar tracking system as a tool at the disposal of users, which enables the fast evalua­ tion of movement signals, based on the generation of spatial coordinates.

Cerebral movement disorders

The movement analysis system 3DAWIN was developed for analysis of cerebral movement. Disorders after damage to the central nervous system. Patients with paresis, somato­sensitive disorders or ataxic disturbances of movements are affected.

The 3DAWIN programme is also perfectly suited for kinematic analysis of any movement that can be registered in an experi­mental context. This includes all kinds of arbitrary movements such as gripping, movements in making music, sports or move­ments of objects in space. The flexible macro programming for data analysis and for graphical result reports also allows an easy and standardized analysis of experimental data.

3DA uses the data from the nexonar Motion Visualizer. Both are working on the same motion data and are synchronized. The analyst can track data in parallel in both systems (e.g. video data from the Motion Visualizer), which helps to understand movement behavior very quickly.


  • MTM 3D range analysis

  • 3D Motion sequence identification & analysis

  • Velocity & acceleration analysis

  • Automation support for big data analysis

  • Human motion filter

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