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nexonar Hard Probe


  • Measurement accuracy up to 0,3 mm

  • Variable number of test points

  • Simple calibration routines are available

  • Several nexonar Hard Probe can be used in parallel (e.g. with different points - identifiable by encoding the IR Tracker)

  • Wireless (operating time with battery up to 12 hours)

  • Micro USB battery charging port

  • Software interface available for integration (C++, C#)


The nexonar Hard Probe is used for learning X/Y/Z reference points in combination with the nexonar Motion Visualizer software as well as the nexonar Assembly Scout software. By using data keys, for example, a reference coordinate system can be programmed.

In addition, virtual reference points relative to the nexonar trackers can be taught-in and generated in Motion Visualizer. The virtual points are then automatically calculated relative to the IR trackers in the Mocap system configuration and are available for the measurement application in real-time.

For integration into an existing application Probe delivers the X/Y/Z coordinates. Optionally, nexonar Motion Visualizer data can be saved and exported in CSV format.

Optimized algorithms allow measurements with an accuracy of up to 0.3 mm.

The diameter of the probe tip and the length of the probe can be adapted to requirements. Calibration routines for different tips are available.

Depending on your requirements, we can also adapt optics and tracker sizes.

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